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You're a member of the  Class of 2017 now and it's an exciting time. A lot of things happen during your senior year and one of the very important events will be creating your Senior Portraits. For many of you it is the last time that you will have a portrait created of yourself. It is also probably the first time that you can have control of a photo session. What I mean by that is this: for the last 12 years you have had school photographers sit you down on a stool, spin you around to shoot both sides, and have your picture taken in the same pose as the last 200 kids, along with the same background that everyone in the school system has used!

Our stand on Senior Portraits is this: We want to provide you with portraits that reflect your personality. To do this we need your input. We want to know what your likes and dislikes are because we want you to be satisfied with the portraits we create.

Before you come for your appointment, take some time to collect ideas for your session. Scout through magazines, catalogs, go on the net and look for ideas from other photographers, and samples from other photography studios that you received in the mail. Look at clothing, backgrounds, posing and other ideas that you'd like to incorporate into your session. Before your session take a minute and share your samples and ideas with us. This will really help us gear your portrait session toward the kind of styles, ideas and poses you like! Unless you really want your portraits to look like everyone else's.

Check out all the options open to you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call 814-267-3686!

NOTICE:  Basic Complexion Retouching is included in all Collections. Advanced Retouching can correct those things that basic retouching cannot do, such as severe acne, glasses glare, toning facial shine, blending tan lines, stray hair correction, and removing braces. This service is available at additional cost.



Evening appointments are available to schedule a No-Obligation Consultation for you to discuss the creation of your Senior Portraits. We can show you our backgrounds and props or discuss pricing; whatever you want to know in order to make a decision. Samples of our work are also available which will show a variety of poses along with the props and backgrounds used. If you wish to bring the clothing you want to wear for your sessions to the consultation we can try to match them with an appropriate background. The goal of a consultation is to be able to tailor your sessions with your personality thereby producing portraits that are uniquely yours. Due to the time and planning involved with the addition of a Town & Country Session, a consultation is recommended!

Eye Glasses, etc
Glasses reflect glare from our lights and can also distort your face because of the lenses. Photo gray lenses are also a problem because studio lights will cause them to darken. You MUST either remove the lenses or borrow empty frames from your optometrist for your session. This will avoid any extra charges to remove glasses glare. Contact lenses are no problem.

Don't forget to dab a little cover up makeup on those noticeable blemishes, it will make each portrait look a lot better.

Avoid sunburns, too much sun darkens your skin unnaturally, dries out your hair, and makes your skin appear too red, shiny and greasy. Severe sunburn may not be correctable. Avoid excessive tanning.
A little tan is OK, but not too much or you will peel.

Clothing - General

Wrinkles show! Make sure your clothes are neatly pressed and on hangers to transport to the studio.

Color is one of your most important decisions. Choose colors in clothing that are complimentary to your skin tone. Earth tones are best for outdoor portraits
Yearbook Poses are usually photographed on medium to dark toned backgrounds. Medium to dark toned clothing, which also minimizes body size, photographs best on these backgrounds.

Medium to Light tones photograph best on lighter colored backgrounds.

Solid Colors or subtle prints are better than loud, contrasting patterns which tend to draw the eye away from the most important thing - your face. After all, the portrait should be of you - not your clothing. Vary the style, all one look (like tanks) gets boring.

Avoid Horizontal Stripes if you want to appear as slim as you can be in your photographs. Avoid large, bold brand names or words on clothing. Already, a few big names from just a few years ago, you would not be caught dead wearing now. No need to make your portraits advertising billboards for a clothing brand.

Large Patterns and over-sized clothing will add the appearance of extra weight in photographs.

Sleeveless and Short-Sleeved Clothing is Not Recommended, it makes arms appear larger than they are and may draw attention away from the face. They will sometimes give the illusion of unwanted pounds.

Dress from Head to Toe! Remember all that you will need to complete an outfit. Girls: Appropriate shoes for the outfit, hose, jewelry and accessories, etc.   Guys: Belts, shoes, socks, ties, etc. (include Class Rings)

Denim always photographs nicely. Leather or Letter Jackets are an excellent choice.

Variety is the key to a successful session! It's a good idea to include both casual and more formal outfits in your portraits. Choose your favorites and let Mom have her choice too. Bring additional outfits and we will help you decide.

For the Girls.............

Hair & Makeup:   Hair styling should be appropriate to the clothing selection. Avoid new hairstyles or having your hair cut or permed the week of your session.  However, a simple style change during your session can add variety to your portraits.  We have not allowed any time for fixing, rolling, spraying, curling, or adjusting your hair.  If any of this is needed, it will shorten your session time!

Makeup for photographs should be only slightly heavier than normal.  Too much makeup tends to give you that "painted" look, too little might not show off your features.  A loose translucent powder is helpful to eliminate shine especially for oily skin.  Avoid the moist, dewy look as it will cause glare on the skin.  Avoid using glitter,  there will be an additional retouching charge if removal of glitter is requested.

Since most portraits concentrate on the eyes, great care should be taken to make them perfect. Avoid using excessively bright colors. Do at least one application of mascara on both upper and lower lashes. The application should be neat and without "clumps".

For the best look, consider having your makeup and hair professionally done for your session.  It will make quite a difference!

Finger and Toe Nails:  NAILS SHOW!  If they have the paint all chipped off, it will show.

Many casual shots are done barefoot, so don't forget about those toes! Avoid real bright colors. Natural or basic work best. We don't want to draw attention to your neon orange toe nails. And they may look really bad with your next outfit.

Clothing:   We suggest you bring a variety of clothing to your session. We recommend a traditional dress outfit for your formal and then a selection of casual outfits that best show your personality. Do not wear contrasts such as a light top with a dark skirt or pants. Do not wear baggy or white jeans (adds weight to thighs, unless you have very thin legs and the pants fit snug, then white is OK.) The black & white "glamour" look that is so popular is best with black clothing. The contrast between the skin and black is what makes them so dramatic. So bring some black, mild to wild; dark bottoms are also in order.

Formal:   Darker solids, with long sleeves work best for your formal portrait, keep the colors neutral. V-Neck, scoop, and crew necks are best. Avoid turtlenecks. We also have available the classic black velvet drape which is worn off the shoulders (try to avoid tan lines). For the drape, thin strap gowns and tank tops, please bring a strapless bra.  

Undergarments:   Keep the color of your undergarments in tone with the tops you will be wearing over them.  You don't want black or some other color to show through your white blouse, or the other way around.

The Classic Studio Portraits are our "Parent/Grandparent Pleaser". It is most likely that a portrait made in this outfit would be chosen as a wall portrait for your home. You may even consider discussing this with your parents, and deciding in which room the portrait will be displayed and coordinate your outfit with the colors and formality of that room. White or pastels usually are best for light backgrounds.

Casual:   The key word here is casual. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, long sleeves, swimsuit, etc... If you look good in it and like it, bring it! Basic primary colors as well as black and white are great for casuals. Shoes: We all love our sneakers but dark casuals or sandals may photograph better so bring them along as well.

For the Guys.............

Hair & Grooming:   Avoid having your hair cut the week before your session. IMPORTANT:  Do Not get your hair "buzzed" for sports until your previews are ready, in the event there is a problem). Hair should be neatly combed in an appropriate style for the clothing. Make sure that you are clean shaven before your session. Retouching can hide blemishes, but not razor stubble. Mustaches and beards should be neatly trimmed.

Clothing:   For your formal we recommend a suit (or sport coat) and tie. A neatly pressed, white shirt with long sleeves will complete the look.   If not wearing a jacket, a colored dress shirt photographs better than a white shirt due to the contrast.  Also, make sure your shirt is the correct neck size, especially when wearing a tie. A shirt that is too large or too small photographs poorly. Some shots are close up, others are full length. Plan outfits completely. It is hard to do a full length formal in your suit if all you brought was big old tennis shoes. On the other hand, a tux with tennis shoes could be a cool casual outfit!

Do not wear  contrasts, such as a white T-shirt under a dark shirt or sweater, it sticks out like a sore thumb and brings attention to itself and not to your face.  Bring a black, gray, or navy t-shirt to wear under dark shirts. Denim, and solid earth tones almost always look good. Casual outfits are best kept to solid colors.

A V-Neck or crew neck sweater photographs great as well, with solid colors showing up the best (over a white shirt; with or without a tie, works great). Bring extra outfits, you may be surprised at what a difference the right shirt or jacket can make in your portraits.

How to make your session stand out!

Bring accessories (No Charge) such as sunglasses, coats, leather jackets, hats, sports stuff (uniforms, balls, bats, trophies, etc.), musical instruments, collections, posters and artwork, stuffed animals, pets (if housebroken; check with the studio ahead of time; cats should be in a carrier), a car, a friend, your phone, or anything that says ...this is me! Also, bring examples of your favorite portraits of your friends, or cut them out of your favorite magazines.

RULES: There aren't any. If it's weird, but you like it, bring it along. We won't report you to the fashion police. But do bring at least one outfit that will keep the parental units happy, OK?